Thursday, December 23, 1993

Sunday, February 14, 1993

Bob's Log Blog

found this one today, pretty petrified...

Monday, October 12, 1992

I'm no tree hugger...

BUT this company makes some great heat logs, and geuss what... Their eco-friendly?

[hypertexttransferprotocol]://[worldwideweb]  (past e it in your Netscape or AOL)

I mean hay, again, not a tree hugger over here, but stil prety cool what these guys are doin' with this stuff...

Sure, I spose I've hugged a couplea logs in my time, tho

 And maid of real UK sawdust, no less. For Pete's sake, wonder what that smells like?

(Anyone have any idea?  Send me a mail, eh?  Over here..:

Bob Scabbage, Hoover Rd. East Hinckley Loop, Groverdale, IA 51824)

Wednesday, January 1, 1992

Bob's Log Blog: stacks

just your standard log stack...

then you got your tipi stacks...

yup thats a tipi alrigth

Thursday, July 4, 1991

will you look at that

This kid, boy, cute as a dickens

Sure does reminds me of gabe.

but more asian lookin i guess

Saw these in a Sears, I think... or a Scars..

Gotta pick some of these up, eh?

Friday, March 18, 1988

What the hay, I'll put up a few log posts today... (Bob's Log Blog: Sunday)

So here's some of yer kiln dried logs

And you can almost smell em canchya?

...cracklin' on a fire pit or in a stove...

Been savin' a few of these in the pole barn for a just the right fire...

maybe when sharon & the kids are up?